How does it feel to own a website?

Ajay Singh Rawat/ October 29, 2020

Welcome to MY website. Feel at home.

It is morning right now when I am writing this post. I feel the sun is shining brighter today. The cold morning has warmth for me. The daily routine of life has some distinctness added to it. All because I made my own website today.

I have been awake since 1 a.m. working on this website to come into existence, and here I am writing my first post in it just now.

Several imageries are tickling my mind right now. A mother who delivered a baby she was carrying for nine months. A bird that finally made its nest. A little window to look outside from a big building. The first flight of a nestling. Finding a vacant seat in a crowded bus. A piggy bank of my random thoughts.

I am curious to know what I am going to post about in the days to come. I hope the upcoming days would be more adventurous. New ideas would occur to me, and I would be eager to write them down. But today, I would like to talk about hope, hard work, and enthusiasm. That is what makes a difference in our life. We can rely on these assets all our life.

Creating a website is more thrilling and complicated than creating an FB or Twitter account. If you do not happen to be a technically smart person, it seems like solving a puzzle. Even though I had a step-by-step instruction to follow, I was not confident until I finally created it. My mind kept telling me, “Guddan, Tumse na ho payega!

When you succeed, the fear of failure you were rearing transforms into the joy of victory with the same emotional intensity. It is like a bungee jumping experience. You go up with the same force you fell down.

I relied on Namecheap for the domain name and Hostinger for hosting to claim my personal virtual bubble.

I am grateful to my teachers, who made it possible for me. When it is tough to have confidence in ourselves, we should have confidence in our teachers.


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